Trend #4: People – Personal Branding Trends for 2013

When I started my personal branding business 11 years ago, HR execs would tell me that companies would never want their employees to build their brands. In fact, one HR leader laughed me out of her office, saying “We don’t want our people to be known outside the company.”

Personal branding is now integrated into many companies’ talent and leadership development programs. Savvy, people-centric organizations understand that they need to get the best from their people, not the most, and they realize that each employee is an authentic part of the face of the company. Well before Mitt Romney’s much maligned “Corporations are people” comment, organizations began promoting the human aspect of their businesses: Chevron’s ‘Human Energy’, Cisco’s ‘The Human Network Effect’. Increasingly, external communications campaigns are featuring actual employees (GE’s ‘Pass the Wrench’ and IBM’s ‘I’m an IBMer’ for example).

Expressing the corporate brand is not just for the CEO anymore. Individual employees will be the spokespeople for their companies. Businesses once reluctant to allow social media sites to be available inside the company firewall, now build programs to help their employees post stellar LinkedIn profiles and timely tweets to communicate their brand. This trend will continue, erasing the line between the company and its people.



  1. Trends are changing frequently. As i can see branding is getting popular either it is personal or other.

  2. Personal branding is even more important in this day and age with the advent of social media and search engine as the go to source for information. Linkedin is solely built on the concept of personal branding and companies now communicate with potential customers through individual employees.

  3. Ayesha Khan says:

    As you mentioned, there is an increasing trend among corporations to assist their employees with growing their own personal brands. This, in turn, benefits each organisation as their brand awareness increases through association. I personally feel that this should be practiced by every company to maximise their marketing opportunities.

  4. Effectiveness says:

    You have spoken about the fact, that there has been a significant increase of the trend; involving corporations using their employees to increase their brand awareness. One of the reasons that I think this is effect that this could help to increase brand awareness to show companies and customers that there is more to the business than just making money it shows the human characteristics for the business as well.