What Is Your Personal Brand Story?

Storytelling about Your Brand Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur / small business owner, employed professional, student, consultant, author, or retired, you have a brand story. That story goes to the heart of who you really are and what makes you unique. It can clarify your values and passions, or speak to your goals and dreams. If written well, it can also attract the attention of your target audience (employers, hiring managers, clients, or book buyers, for example) and persuade them to do hire/promote/buy YOU!

Discovering your personal brand and communicating it in a compelling and clear manner to those who matter is not easy. Until now that is…

My international friend and Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist colleague Bernadette Martin of Visibility Branding has just released her new book Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline. This book is a must-read if you want to:

  • Understand the difference between a Bio and a Resume
  • Develop branded, storytelling content for your Bio and Resume
  • Integrate video storytelling and/or interview storytelling into your repertoire
  • Internationalize or digitalize your brand story
  • Create a Career Personal Brand Tool Kit
  • Avoid verbal graffiti
  • Master the use of Ice-Breaker storytelling
  • Jazz up your Elevator Pitch with a brand story
  • Morph your existing Resume into a Bio, and more.

When Bernadette first contacted me to be one of the 15 thought leaders interviewed for her book, I knew she was on to something big. Stories have always been a universal means of connecting with others. But, did you know that neuro research indicates that “our brains are wired to process information as stories” and stories make us more memorable?

In addition, stories allow us to connect to others on a more powerful level than just the intellect; they can evoke emotion. A well-known tenet in sales is that people “buy” based on emotion and justify their decision with logic!

My section of the book – Story Building around Assessment Results – focuses on the use of career assessments for uncovering the building blocks of your personal brand and brand story. Your personal brand must be authentic to who you are, and not a concocted “marketing slogan”. By using objective career assessments in combination with more informal, feedback assessments, such as the 360Reach Personal Branding assessment, you can feel confident that your brand story is true and real.

In Faris Yakob’s post for GapingVoid, he said, “eventually, you need to start being you, and then – you need to get really good at it.” That is so true, and I would also add: “get really good at communicating your brand message to others.”

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  1. Perhaps the concept of storytelling will replace resumes, or at least augment them with a more personal, and human presentation. Before there was TV or radio or even newspapers, people used to tell each other stories. it is quite ironic that one of the oldest forms of communication will be available to make personal branding come alive – rather than be a boring list of “here’s what I did for the company”.

  2. Thanks Richard for your thoughtful remarks. It seems to me that any form of communication, written or verbal, online or offline, stands a better chance of engaging the other person by including both rational and emotional components. Our brains, after all, have TWO hemispheres (right-brain and left-brain) to process information!