Take Charge of Your Brand By Being a Better Team Player


The workplace is filled with diverse personalities, which is the reason why the water cooler is never just for water. But what happens when you are the personality that your colleagues don't like or bond over "water cooler talk"? You certainly don't have to be best friends with everyone. In fact, if someone doesn't like you for any particular reason, it could simply be because you have a strong and confident brand. But if more than a few people consistently have a problem with you, then the problem is you. Unless you work independently, your relationship with your colleagues can influence work evaluations, promotions, and even an outsider’s perception of your brand—whether positively or negatively. In the workplace, you will more than likely always be measured by your ability to work well within a team. Here's a few ways to make sure your brand can stand the test, or sometimes challenge, of being a team player. Take a Good Look In The Mirror There’s nothing like a good dose of … [Read more...]

Personal Brands in the Company Culture: How to Stand Out and Still Fit In

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Culture is both a dynamic phenomenon that surrounds us at all time, being constantly enacted and created by our interactions with others and shaped by leadership behavior, and a set of structures, routines, rules, and norms that guide and constrain behavior. – Edgar Schein (2003). In an organization (or company), what Schein alludes to is the unique values and mindsets that employees (from top to bottom) adopt to drive the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Every organization has its unique culture that is shaped by the individuals within it, and by the policies and values that it has set for itself. An effective culture is one that breeds success, and that employees have no qualms about adopting and promoting with others. Take the example of iconic brands such as Apple and Ikea. Each of these companies has built an effective culture that allows them to achieve the highest levels of success in their respective sectors. The company culture of these brands is so … [Read more...]

You Made a Mistake at Work. How Does Your Brand Recover?

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  So what happens when you make a mistake? How does your brand recover? First of all, own up to it and recognize we all make mistakes. Sometimes we just want to put them to the side and make nice. Instead of hiding mistakes, be honest and try to right the wrong. Lastly, don't beat yourself up. Move on. Here are tips for handling mistakes that could dis your brand: 1 – Fess up NOW. Remember that bad news over time only gets worse. Most of us do NOT like conflict. Trust me – it's much better to handle ANY bad news the moment it happens. So, when you make a mistake – you are much better off to bring it to the table as soon as possible. It only gets uglier and hairier (if that's a word!). Go straight to the person it affects. If necessary, apologize and try to make it right. 2 – Maintain the relationship. Take a look at your intent. Did you do something unknowingly? Then tell the person exactly that! Did you make a mistake due to poor planning, lack of follow through, or … [Read more...]

Three Resume Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Personal Brand

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Is this actually the resume you’re submitting or you really just don’t want this job. That’s just one of the things you don’t want a recruiter to think when looking at your resume. Yes, the job search process can be very discouraging at times. The reality is that it’s a recruiters market right now. That means you have to work even harder and smarter to showcase your personal brand.  If your resume has been circulating the job boards and email inboxes of recruiters, but you’re not getting any calls, it may be time for a makeover. Find out if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes that will sabotage your brand.  1. There are errors on your resume. Having blatant typos on your resume simply looks bad. Errors on your resume may not always be an automatic disqualification for a job, but are you willing to take that chance? A recruiter doesn’t care that you were up until two o’clock in the morning making updates. Make sure you give yourself enough time to look over your resume with … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Trends for 2014: Charitable Causes – From Afterthought to Starting Point

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Every major company engages in some type of philanthropy, but there is a trend toward companies whose entire mission is tied to giving back. In a recent article published in Strategy+Business, James O’Toole talks about the new business structure—the B (for benefit) corporation. Patagonia is perhaps the best known example of this model, which has been gaining traction in the U.S. Facilitating the growing social entrepreneurship movement, B charters permit boards to make decisions that benefit society, even when those actions aren’t in the immediate interest of shareholders (note how different this is from the nonprofit structure). As more and more millennials enter the workforce and move into more senior roles, values will enter into the equation more than they have in the past. In Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, David Burstein writes, “Millennials are highly connected to – and are extremely conscious of – their values. They see the world from a values … [Read more...]