Personal Branding: How to Brand Your Radio Show (or Podcast!)


If you’re thinking about producing a radio show or podcast – just for fun or for business purposes – you’ll want to make sure it’s branded in a way that aligns with your vision, values, passion and purpose! Here are some simple ways you can brand your program: Show title Types of guests and content Music Intro and Outro Key phrases, words and taglines 1. Show title. Your show title is of critical importance as this is the best way to attract your target listeners. Use keywords that relate to your topic and which would be compelling to the audience you want to reach. Make sure your title is obvious – not cute. If it’s too esoteric, people will miss the point and move on to something else that relates exactly to what they’re looking for. The more memorable your title, the easier it will be for others to spread the word – both online and offline. Shorter is better and you can always include a tagline that explains the purpose in more detail. That being said, the … [Read more...]

4 Measures To See If Your LinkedIn Account Is Working For You.

Recently I worked with a client who was a Senior Manager with a global business. Sure – she understood why she should be on LinkedIn, seen the benefits of having a search engine optimised profile and why she should be an active user. As we talked, her resistance around committing more time to her LinkedIn profile became clear:  “…but how will I know it is actually working?” Like many busy professionals, she was looking for a tangible measure - a Return on Investment on her time. These are my top tips that I shared with her to measure the effectiveness of her profile:  Record Information: Before making changes, screen shot search results. As the data recorded is on a weekly basis, once changes are made I recommend screen capturing data on a weekly basis. Who Has Viewed Your Profile: See who has viewed your profile and if they are (by majority) your ideal audience. What Action Did They Take: Review your actual profile views and compare this to the action taken. This way you … [Read more...]

Warning: Your Resume Is Not Doing Your Personal Brand Any Justice

Construction Yellow Caution Tape Closeup. Construction Zone.

Does your resume have terms like “responsible for,” “helped with,” or “duties included”? Unless you’re referring to your hall monitor gig in the 5th grade or pet sitting, it’s time for an intervention. These terms do not make your personal brand sound marketable or entice a recruiter to want to know more about your skills. I know there are hundreds of articles circulating that talk about resume do’s and don’ts.  But the reality is that many people are still making the same mistakes—whether they realize it or not. One of the biggest mistakes I see on resumes is a laundry list of tasks that sounds more like a job description than a compelling portrayal of your personal brand and professional experience. If you don’t care enough to at least try to sound impressive, why should they be impressed? Recruiters go through job descriptions every day. The last thing they want to do is read them back in the form of a resume. Another mistake is the overuse of buzzwords. Terms like “best of … [Read more...]

Why professionals need a quality LinkedIn profile – and it’s not for a new job !


When I first started working with LinkedIn, the majority of clients were senior level jobseekers. More recently, I have seen LinkedIn become a key part of most professionals online presence, even if they are not looking for a new role. Why are they doing this ? Because they understand the world of “Digital First” In the “Personal Branding Trends for 2014” William Arruda writes "I had a great conversation with Mitch Joel for the Reach Personal Branding interview series. In his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete, he talks about “digital first” – how our first place to go for information or services is online. This is a trend that will gain momentum. It means you need to be vigilant about building and managing your online brand because it now delivers your first impression.” Those embracing the “Digital First” world know that their online presence might be the first thing someone sees about them and they might not even be aware of the opportunity their missing. In meeting with … [Read more...]

Managing Your Online Reputation: 5 Key Details to Consider Before Using Social Media


If social media is a part of your business strategy, it’s important to make sure it’s working for and not against you. We’ve all seen the damage done online from people sharing inappropriate material. While they say, “All publicity is good publicity,” those who are concerned about consciously and responsibly managing their personal brand would likely take a more planned approach. Any and all decisions about how you use social media are yours, alone, to make. That being said, when you want to manage your brand and make sure it’s the best it can be, there are several mistakes to avoid. After all, whether you have a career or run your own business, you have a limited amount of time, money and energy. Anything you do to invest in you and your brand should be a benefit – something that works in your behalf and for the long term. So what types of mistakes are there to avoid? Actually, there are more than can possibly be described in this short article. However, here are a few to … [Read more...]