A Presentation that Reflects Positively on Your Personal Brand


Knowing how to deliver a good presentation is an important skill for everyone, whether they’re still students or the leaders of an organization. The knowledge that an individual possesses doesn’t make a difference if they don’t know how to convey those thoughts concisely. If you are a small business owner, having a superior product is likewise not a guarantee that your business will sell loads of it and be successful if you don’t know how to present the product in a way that will convince your audience to purchase it.  An individual’s success is directly related to their ability to influence others, because having good presentation skills captures the interest of the audience and eventually transforms their view to your point of view. The skill to speak effectively is crucial to building a brand and to the success of the business. If you are someone who is very knowledgeable about your field of work and you have the ability to share that knowledge effectively, people will look to you … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Brag About Your Brand…Without Bragging


You never know when opportunity will knock. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss an opportunity because you didn't promote yourself when you should have? No one wants to be called a braggart. You know, the ones that are always tooting their own horns and taking all the credit. That type of bragging isn't good for anyone’s brand. It’s annoying and just not good business. At the same time, it’s crucial that those willing to open a door for us know that we’re worthy of the opportunity. There’s also a financial cost in not promoting yourself, read more. Here are 4 ways to promote YOU without bragging: 1. Say thank you. Don’t downplay a compliment. Instead, a simple thank you will do. Or go a bit further and say, “Thank you, I appreciate you noticing.” In this article, The Right Way to Sell Yourself, William Arruda is quoted as saying, “Building a strong personal brand isn’t about telling people how great you are." It’s about showing people how great you are.” He adds that employees … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Reflects Your Personal Brand


If a picture says a thousand words, does your LinkedIn profile picture speak volumes or is it whispering "help me!"? You know by now that it's important to be on LinkedIn. You may have even added a picture after reluctantly not wanting to be identified. But is your picture an accurate reflection of your personal brand? If you're a creator, do you look like you have your own personal style, or do you appear as a stick in the mud? If you're a motivator, do you look like someone others would listen to or do you appear unapproachable? If you're a leader, do you look like someone in a leadership role or do you appear to be just like everyone else? Your LinkedIn profile picture should be a reflection of your personal brand. Would you ever show up to a job interview not looking your best? Well, that’s kind of what happens when you have a blah LinkedIn profile picture. Keep in mind that your profile will often be the first impression you make with a recruiter, hiring manager, … [Read more...]

4 Ways Your Personal Brand Wins with No


Without a doubt technological advancements, especially in digital media, have expanded the way business is carried out. Never before have business transactions and communication been so quick, effective, and cheap. A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs have this digital revolution to thank, given the ease of starting up a new business endeavor. With the help of digital technology, a business can be run with little startup money and the staff of one. However, this convenience in small business has also brought about a new problem: saying no to work. Refusing work for small business can be a real issue for young entrepreneurs looking to establish their brands in a very competitive market. The fear of losing clients very easily leads some businesses to fear to saying no. Instances for saying no As a small business, you want to establish credibility with your clients, and make a name for yourself. Given your nature, you will very likely focus on your strengths, and not think … [Read more...]

4 Ingredients for You to Matter More and Be Relevant

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As we each forge ahead daily, there is a constant nagging question for all of us.  Do we matter? Recently, I had the chance to read Relevance by Phil Styrlund, Tom Hayes, and Marian Deegan. Last year, BrandMirror sponsored a TEDx event where I saw Phil speak about Relevance. The talk was a captivating one, and since then I have stayed in touch with Marian as they have been on this journey to help others matter more. The book is engaging, just right as far as length, and provides a powerful formula to help us each matter more. The formula highlights 4 key factors of relevance: authenticity, mastery, empathy, and action. When we assess our relevance, this simple formula is a way to identify quickly where we might need to double down our efforts or celebrate our progress. 1. Authenticity You know when you go to an event or hear someone speak and it just does not resonate or feel real? We want people to speak from the heart and from experience. People who are able to be … [Read more...]