Shape Your Brand With Gratitude


As the flight took off that early morning the sky was ablaze in orange, yellow and red. What a stunning way to start my day. This sunrise happens every day, whether I’m ready for it or not. Being ready is the key. I've learned that how I spend my first awakening moments makes a difference in how my day goes. As a group of friends gathered in my living room the following week, we agreed how easy it is to grumble over things that we DON’T have or things that DON’T happen as we planned. We made a commitment to focus our mornings on things we are grateful for. Each of us bought a journal to capture five things every morning - thus our commitment began.   This morning I wrote: 1—grateful for being in Philadelphia with amazing colleagues presenting personal branding to our global client 2—grateful for a husband who listens patiently as I share far too many stories from the travels 3—grateful for a gift of gab that has allowed me to build a business that requires this … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Necessary


When I first read Tom Peters’ article “A Brand Called You” it fueled my passion nine years ago to seek out the training for doing Personal Branding work. It was so invigorating I couldn’t stop learning until I had earned every certification possible. Recently, I’ve seen tons of articles about the topic- both positive and negative. So let’s look at both sides. Some belittle what personal branding does. Several state that personal branding creates a façade — saying it is merely playing a character. The authors of these articles claim that branding isn’t genuine. Here’s the truth! People value authenticity and transparency. Surprisingly, some people think that branding is only for celebrities and companies who need a logo, website, tag-line, or a sensational image. Branding involves so much more than image, logo, or how you dress. It’s about expressing your total package. It’s about authenticity, building trust, and helping people — their teams and organizations — be more … [Read more...]

Why Your Resume Won’t Cut it on LinkedIn

I recently worked with a client who was a manager in a professional services business and, although she didn’t have a particular role in mind, her plan was to move to a new role within the next 12 months. We had talked about her resume and the importance of making it outcomes focused. We were moving on to her LinkedIn profile when she asked: “But don’t I just upload my resume to my LinkedIn profile?” I explained that her resume could include more comprehensive details on her past, while her LinkedIn profile was about her future. I explained that if she was to just upload her resume to her profile, she would not be maximising LinkedIn’s capabilities. Her LinkedIn profile was in the public domain, and her resume contained confidential information we couldn’t put on her profile. Furthermore, Business Insider Australia recently reported: “Users who simply post a static resume (on LinkedIn) and don’t make an effort to interact with others in their network will not receive as … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Build Your Personal Brand


Image courtesy of Shella Scarborough/Flickr Did you know that your LinkedIn profile will most likely be the first or second link that shows up when someone googles your name? Yup, that means recruiters, colleagues, and potential business connections have probably checked out your profile at some point to get the scoop on you. Now the opinion of everyone who looks at your profile may not matter. But how you come across to others for potential career opportunities certainly should. Here’s the thing: You must have an impressive LinkedIn profile if you’re interested in accessing new career opportunities and making more money. A good profile is not a nice to have if you want to build your personal brand; it’s a requirement. As a personal brand strategist, I‘ve helped many professionals qualify for high-caliber positions by creating powerful LinkedIn profiles that gets them noticed. Here’s a peak into my process that you can apply to your own profile. 1. Pick a Good … [Read more...]

Increase Your Visibility and Credibility : 5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my business coaching clients is how to stand out from all the others who do what they do. The answer is two-fold. First, even if two people work with the same types of clients and in the same niche, which is unlikely and statistically impossible given the myriad of factors at play, each person would be delivering their service in their own unique fashion. Why? Because you're unique. You have your own thoughts, motivations, inspirations and energy. You are the sum total of your thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Thus, what you do is truly unique. Bottom line: No one is doing exactly what you do and in exactly the way you do it. So no worries there! Second, different people are attracted to different people based upon their values, energy, outlook and even "how" they look! Whew! Nothing to worry about there either! Again, you are unique. So, what do you do? How do you increase your credibility, visibility, and ultimately your … [Read more...]