3 Ways to Manage an Out of Control LinkedIn Account


LinkedIn just bring me more work, work I don’t have time for. I recently worked with a client who was a HR Manager. During the consultation we got to talking about LinkedIn and he revealed to me that now, he doesn’t even login to his LinkedIn Account as “it is just bring me more work, work I don’t have time for.” He talked about how his inbox was flooded with requests to connect and suppliers wanting his companies business. He seen LinkedIn as a medium which brought him more work and people wanting things from him. He didn’t know how to control his account so that he could use it to his own benefit. This client is not alone. A recent article on infoworld.com quoted InfoWorld contributor and professional developer Peter Wayner had this to say about LinkedIn: "It's sure cool and it's fun to look at hierarchies, but I've never had much luck with using it for more than idle curiosity." David Linthicum, consultant and CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, had a much more positive spin … [Read more...]

How To Ensure Your LinkedIn Strategy Aligns with Your Purpose


  Recently, I spoke with a business owner who had a small sales team reporting to her. I asked her if she used LinkedIn, to which she replied, “Yes.” I asked if her team used LinkedIn, to which she replied: “No, I don’t want them to get poached for other roles.” I explained to her , LinkedIn profile development needs to have a specific purpose. Once the purpose is established, a strategy can be developed to ensure the profile meets the purpose. The strategy we use for business development is different to the strategy we use for job seekers. Being without a strategy is a bit like being in a noisy room – you hear a lot, but you don’t hear anything clearly. An article recently published by Mind Tools stated that although some people use LinkedIn for job searches, LinkedIn can also help organisations increase visibility for their products and brands. My top tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your purpose include: Know your audience, know what they … [Read more...]

The Minimalist Guide to Networking on LinkedIn

be interesting and interested

Networking can sometimes feel like a bad dream where you're forced to talk in front of a group of people naked. (Or is that public speaking?). Either way, it can be an awkward experience for many professionals, to say the least. Regardless of how you feel about networking, the value of connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn is a well-known personal branding strategy. After all, you want access to opportunities, which means connecting with other professionals who can help you reach your career goals. There's nothing wrong with that. Here’s what’s wrong: Some people are guilty of making common LinkedIn networking mistakes that leaves a stench like one week old kale left in the refrigerator (if you don't eat kale trust me, it stinks after a while). Let's take a look at three simple tips that will help you get the most out of networking on LinkedIn. 1. Remember the Meaning of Networking “Networking: The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or … [Read more...]

Shape Your Brand With Gratitude


As the flight took off that early morning the sky was ablaze in orange, yellow and red. What a stunning way to start my day. This sunrise happens every day, whether I’m ready for it or not. Being ready is the key. I've learned that how I spend my first awakening moments makes a difference in how my day goes. As a group of friends gathered in my living room the following week, we agreed how easy it is to grumble over things that we DON’T have or things that DON’T happen as we planned. We made a commitment to focus our mornings on things we are grateful for. Each of us bought a journal to capture five things every morning - thus our commitment began.   This morning I wrote: 1—grateful for being in Philadelphia with amazing colleagues presenting personal branding to our global client 2—grateful for a husband who listens patiently as I share far too many stories from the travels 3—grateful for a gift of gab that has allowed me to build a business that requires this … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Necessary


When I first read Tom Peters’ article “A Brand Called You” it fueled my passion nine years ago to seek out the training for doing Personal Branding work. It was so invigorating I couldn’t stop learning until I had earned every certification possible. Recently, I’ve seen tons of articles about the topic- both positive and negative. So let’s look at both sides. Some belittle what personal branding does. Several state that personal branding creates a façade — saying it is merely playing a character. The authors of these articles claim that branding isn’t genuine. Here’s the truth! People value authenticity and transparency. Surprisingly, some people think that branding is only for celebrities and companies who need a logo, website, tag-line, or a sensational image. Branding involves so much more than image, logo, or how you dress. It’s about expressing your total package. It’s about authenticity, building trust, and helping people — their teams and organizations — be more … [Read more...]