7 Top Tips on Company Pages vs Personal Profiles on LinkedIn


I recently worked with a client who was in the process of setting up her own business. The client wanted to set up both a personal profile and a company page, and asked what she should do first. I explained to her that your personal LinkedIn profile is a way for you to connect on a personal level online. A business page is different. While personal profiles have connections, company pages have followers. People want to connect with you because you’re you. It’s a bit like going to an industry or networking event – you introduce yourself as you, not your company. However, LinkedIn research indicates that members are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. Furthermore, nearly 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies in their lives. In other words, members aren’t looking for once-off help. They want to connect and partner for the longer term. Your business page and personal page allow this to happen. The benefits of having a … [Read more...]

Studies on Gratefulness: A Grateful Leader

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Bill (name is changed) held his semi-annual leadership conference last month, hosting the event for several hundred people in his division. I watched him show his gratitude in several ways. At dinner he gave an eloquent toast recognizing his team for their hard work. He mentioned being grateful to lead the team and be a part of an organization that believes growth of people is reflected in growth of the business. He talked without notes. That‘s communicating, not just talking. And finally, adding a jest here and there, he kept everyone engaged - listening to his every word. During the conference, I watched him interact with everyone, making each person feel he knew something about them…and likely he DID. Now here is the cool thing. The content he chose to highlight for his leadership conference was personal branding linked with Emotional Intelligence; both lead to being a resonant leader. Here's a link to the book, Resonant Leader. Studies show that when leaders demonstrate their … [Read more...]

How to Revive Your Job Search, and Get Hired Quicker


"Oh how much I love looking for a new job," said no one over 20 years old, ever. The realization that you have no choice but to look for a new job can bring you back to your childhood days when you were tasked with cleaning your room or else. As a kid, your or else meant no television. No dessert after dinner. No beating your latest Super Mario Brothers score. Now, your or else means no growth. No promotion. No income. So that brings us back to begrudgingly looking for a new job. If your job search is like speed dating without the dates, you may be heading towards a dead end. Here are some ways that you can help revive your job search so that you can get closer to your next career move in less time. 1. Stop the insanity. Yes, I went all 90s Susan Powter on you. The job search process is ever-changing with the evolution of technology, business trends, and social media. Yet many will continue to do the same things over and over and expect a different result, which … [Read more...]

Why You Should be Creating Posts on LinkedIn


I recently worked with a client who was an expert in her field. After being employed for most of her working life, she had decided to start her own consulting business. We worked through establishing a profile that was search engine optimised, positioned her as an expert and facilitated connection and engagement. We then looked at how she could future position herself on LinkedIn and talked about creating posts on LinkedIn. At first, she was hesitant, but she soon discovered there are a number of advantages. When you consider Expanded Ramblings’ report that there are 30,000 long-form posts created each week, the advantages include: Posts are permanently attached to your profile. The latest three posts are on your LinkedIn profile page. Your posts are located near the top of your profile – prime profile real estate! Posts are a great way to educate your audience and share your expertise. They are not about “selling”. As my client was consulting to a specific industry, she could … [Read more...]

5 Short Messages That are Memorable and Impactful


Here are quick quips (try and say THAT five times in a row) that I share during each Professional Presence program.  They resonate as simple, short messages that are memorable and impactful. 1 – When in doubt – don’t. There are times when you can’t pick up my books or anyone else’s to get a specific answer. At those times, just stop and consider - “if I’m doubting whether to say something or not...maybe it’s best not to!” 2 – Do what makes the other person feel at ease. Generally speaking, when deciding how to handle a situation, if you do what makes someone feel at ease, you’ll likely be doing the best thing. 3 – What’s the message you want to give? When deciding what to wear for any meeting or event, for that particular meeting consider what message you are wanting to convey and make sure what you wear is appropriate. 4 – Leaders are learners. Yearn to learn. Stay in touch with the latest information. There’s so much information available in this exciting world … [Read more...]