5 Short Messages That are Memorable and Impactful


Here are quick quips (try and say THAT five times in a row) that I share during each Professional Presence program.  They resonate as simple, short messages that are memorable and impactful. 1 – When in doubt – don’t. There are times when you can’t pick up my books or anyone else’s to get a specific answer. At those times, just stop and consider - “if I’m doubting whether to say something or not...maybe it’s best not to!” 2 – Do what makes the other person feel at ease. Generally speaking, when deciding how to handle a situation, if you do what makes someone feel at ease, you’ll likely be doing the best thing. 3 – What’s the message you want to give? When deciding what to wear for any meeting or event, for that particular meeting consider what message you are wanting to convey and make sure what you wear is appropriate. 4 – Leaders are learners. Yearn to learn. Stay in touch with the latest information. There’s so much information available in this exciting world … [Read more...]

Your Brand On LinkedIn: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me


There's something about the word expert that can sometimes make you think of a used car salesperson. Sure, not all are bad. But you definitely have your eyebrow up as to whether or not you’re being bamboozled into buying a piece of junk that’s not worth the asking price. Looking for a new career opportunity is no different than being a salesperson. You’re selling your skills with the hopes of getting hired for a good salary. But the truth is not every candidate is qualified for a role, and it’s not always easy for a manager to know if they’re getting a lemon. Recruiters receive hundreds of emails from job seekers every day saying they are the "ideal candidate" for a position (sounds familiar, right?). Everyone claims to be experts in their field to try to close the deal. But realistically that's not the case. Talk is Cheap Anyone can proclaim to be an expert. If you look around on LinkedIn, it's filled with experts. There is no shortage of people telling you how to get a … [Read more...]

Delete These Words and Bolster Your Brand Presence

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Remember that time when you were at a business meeting and it took an awkward turn? There was congenial conversation—then all of a sudden you or someone else said something unprofessional that killed the flow of the discussion. The conversation went from congenial to awkward. The point is, how we communicate is a reflection of our personal brand and executive presence. Let’s look at some “brand busters” that can rot an otherwise fruitful conversation. Here are five words and phrases to delete now! 1. Honey/Hun: Save these way too friendly words for informal conversations with people who are dear to you. The same goes for “girl,” “dude”, or “boy.” Honey is what you spread on toast and hun is a warrior who followed Attila. These words tarnish your professional image at a time when you could have been shining. 2. Doncha, Gunna, Howjado: These are not words, rather they are a part of our “laid back” communication that can easily cross over into business if you don’t pay close … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Manage an Out of Control LinkedIn Account


"LinkedIn just brings me more work; work I don’t have time for." I recently worked with a client who was a human resources manager. During the consultation, we talked about LinkedIn and he revealed to me that he doesn’t log in to his LinkedIn account any more, as: “It is just bringing me more work; work I don’t have time for.” He said his inbox was flooded with requests to connect and suppliers wanting his companies’ business. He saw LinkedIn as a medium that gave him more work and people who wanted things from him. He didn’t know how to control his account for his own benefit. This client is not alone. In a recent article on InfoWorld (infoworld.com), professional developer Peter Wayner said of LinkedIn: "It's sure cool and it's fun to look at hierarchies, but I've never had much luck with using it for more than idle curiosity." David Linthicum, consultant and CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, has a more positive spin. He uses LinkedIn several times a day to "get the 411 on … [Read more...]

How To Ensure Your LinkedIn Strategy Aligns with Your Purpose


  Recently, I spoke with a business owner who had a small sales team reporting to her. I asked her if she used LinkedIn, to which she replied, “Yes.” I asked if her team used LinkedIn, to which she replied: “No, I don’t want them to get poached for other roles.” I explained to her , LinkedIn profile development needs to have a specific purpose. Once the purpose is established, a strategy can be developed to ensure the profile meets the purpose. The strategy we use for business development is different to the strategy we use for job seekers. Being without a strategy is a bit like being in a noisy room – you hear a lot, but you don’t hear anything clearly. An article recently published by Mind Tools stated that although some people use LinkedIn for job searches, LinkedIn can also help organisations increase visibility for their products and brands. My top tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your purpose include: Know your audience, know what they … [Read more...]