3 Tweaks To Express and Engage Your Brand On YouTube


I shared about a month ago that I’ve embarked on the journey of creating a new YouTube channel for myself.  I have had a YouTube channel for years with a little over 70 videos and lots of views. And, as promised I would take you along on the journey. Here’s the next chapter: Are you maximizing how you express and engage your personal brand utilizing the YouTube platform? 1. Create a brand rich unsubscribed visitor trailer It’s a mouth full. Here’s what it means. When people who are not subscribed to your YouTube channel come to visit your channel, you have the option to create a quick video introduction to them or “trailer” that gives them a preview to what your channel focuses on. It’s important to know what your personal brand attributes are and to know your unique promise of value and make sure, in a few video moment, that you capture and communicate those. This is a chance for a potential viewer to get to know you.  It gives them a quick sample of who you are and helps … [Read more...]

Don’t Tell People Who You Are, Show Them What You Are About

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Let me tell you a personal story that demonstrates this important distinction between show and tell. I lead periodic webinars for coaches and have one coming up this month. At Reach, we have several lists we use to notify coaches. I have a personal list of coaches who attended this really fun presentation I did for the ICF with 600 email addresses on it. So rather than contact them from the Reach email, I sent an email from my personal account - letting all 600 coaches know about the webinar and how to sign up. Well, there was something in that email that made my email service system go crazy. At first, it did not send. Then, when it did, it sent the email 46 TIMES! That’s right 46 times to each recipient. Yikes! I could not have felt worse. I began sending out apologies and responding to the barrage of incoming email I received. My stomach was in knots. The range of responses from the email recipients was vast – from no response to wrath. Some people ignored it. Others asked to … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Brand Relevant


I’ve come to realize that I get a kick out of learning something new. And I enjoy the opportunities to share wisdom I’ve learned from thought leaders, relevant articles, internet information that reveals an interesting statistic, or even from hearing a friend’s idea. In fact, I find myself literally asking my friends and colleagues to send ME things I might find compelling in my life or work. I learned a long time ago that I can’t know it all — nor would I be so arrogant as to think I know it all even within my niche topics of Professional Presence and Personal Branding. (On that note, I’d love to hear from any of YOU if you find interesting information – Send it to me!) We leaders get it! Now it’s up to us to share with others. My belief is that anyone can be a leader in their corner of this world. As we mature, the key to continuing a purposeful life is to keep learning and sharing. That doesn’t take money. That doesn’t take exercise. It just takes curiosity. Sometimes we may … [Read more...]

Branding Through Change: 3 Ways to Transition Your Personal Brand

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You are Jane Smith; therefore, you shall always be Jane Smith. Everyone knows you as a finance professional, so no new marketing career for you. Of course these sentiments are far from being true. As the saying from Heraclitus goes, “the only constant is change.” So what does that mean for your personal brand? Are you stuck with it like a scar "branded" on your skin, or is there room to reinvent yourself? After all, passionate intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are always thinking about their next move. But sometimes wondering how others will accept the change, or how to execute it, causes uncertainty. Here are three ways to approach transitioning your personal brand as you evolve. 1. Determine the necessary steps. As with most things that need solutions, your first step should be to evaluate the change. If you’re an administrative professional that wants to move into a more senior role, think about the steps you need to take towards that direction. You may want to start by working … [Read more...]

5 Ways for Your Brand to Succeed at Anything

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It's hard to read minds...or to know what a client or co-worker is really thinking. Here are five habits you can develop that will not only be noticed, but will help your brand succeed with just a little bit of effort. 1. Be prompt! - When you think about it, there are 20 minutes between success and failure. You show up 10 minutes before work and people will think you love your job, you're motivated, and are a go-getter. But if you show up 10 minutes late to a meeting, a lunch, or a conference, everyone will think you're a slacker. It is only 20 minutes of time that can make or break you. So wake up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow and get to work early! 2. Keep your mouth shut! - People who cause or thrive on drama, insult or disrespect others won't last long...ANYWHERE. One easy way to succeed is to not say anything negative about your other clients, your company, church, Toastmaster's chapter...whatever. Learn to listen, find genuine reasons to compliment others and you'll … [Read more...]